Captain Guido is all about travel! In fact, the Captain believes that the best way for children to learn is through traveling with the family. My wife and I began traveling before children. Since I do most of my work online, we were able to stay gone for months at a time. When she became pregnant, we made the decision that traveling was too important to us to stop. After much research, we discovered that we could continue our travels even with children by simply making a few changes. 

When our first child was born, we were on the road in our RV, all the way across the country from our family. It was challenging the first few months as we tried to adjust to being a family of three. A newborn, of course, has many needs, so our travel was a little slower, but we made it work for us.

Nowadays, we have 3 children and are still traveling the world. We homeschool the older two. It is amazing just how much they learn through our travels. In fact, I daresay they learn more than children in public schools.

On this page I, your Captain, will be talking about traveling with kids and giving you insights on places for you and your family to experience. I hope you will check back often, mate!