Ways to Complement Homeschooling in the Fall

In the last post, I went over some great ideas of places to go to help learning continue for your family through your travels. Though we do much of our museum visits and such in big cities throughout the states, there are many smaller cities that offer some great places to visit. We try to plan these during times when we only have a long weekend somewhere or a few days without something else planned. They are, nonetheless, just as great as many of the larger places we visit, though.

Just around one-hundred miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee, you will find a great little museum on the Blues Trail Highway. The Grammy Museum is in the Delta region of Mississippi and is host to many award-winning artists. There, you will find many workshops available for adults and children. We can spend hours there learning new techniques and watching the artists perform their work.

Further north, you can have a Niagara Falls adventure where you learn about the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. They couldn’t agree on the future of electricity back in their time. Your family can learn who they were and how electricity changed the world. While there, be sure to check out “Free Niagara,” a movie about the pro-environment movement that helped save the area from industrial pollution. If you are studying the Civil War and/or slavery, you don’t want to miss the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center. This center shows visitors the important role that Niagara Falls played in helping slaves such as Harriet Tubman find freedom. Located only one-quarter a mile from Canada, the small museum recounts the adventures of freedom seekers and their journey towards freedom.

Though these two are some of our favorite history-rich places we have visited this year, there are so many other options available. Lucky for you, the internet can help your family find out of the way places to explore and continue to learn.